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The Matrix

             Thomas Anderson is a computor prorammer working for a major software company leading a double life as a computor hacker breaking into computor systems and commiting computor crimes under the name Neo. One night while he was working late he recieved a strange message telling him to 'follow the white rabbit'. Shortly after this Neo gets an ivitation to a rave by one of his 'customers' at first neo rejects it but then he notices that one of the women going to the rave has a tatto of a white rabbit on her arm so he changes his mind and goes along.
             In the rave a woman called Trinty approaches him who says she works for a man called Morpheus. Neo has always been intrested in gettuing into contact with him and is baffled by the fact that Moropheus has actually been searching for Neo for years.Morpheus believes that Neo is 'the one' who will free the world from 'The Matrix' a virtual reality program which Neo had thought was 'the real world'.
             In the actual real world humans are being used as slaves by intelligent machines which are using them as batterys. so to keep the humans unaware the machines have made 'The Matrix' a computor representation of the world in the twentieth century. Neo has special powers which would allow him to manipulate the matrix and beat the machines. So morpheus trains him to use his special powers and helps him to completly believe that he is 'the one'. But in the meantime the machines are aware of Neos existance and send agents to catch him.
             The matrix is a sci-fi thriller and therfore has certaian conventions which tells the genre in which the film is in such as the opening scene. The opening shot in this film is of the matrix code running down the screen. This is the establishing shot. In traditional hollywood openings there is a long shot of a specific location giving you an idea of what the film is about or what kind of film it is. In the next scenes we identify with the different characters in the film.

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