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My Trip

            It had been a long and exhausting day, school was getting on my nerves, I had so much to do. It was getting to be late in the evening and all I could do was think about sleep. It would be so nice just to sleep I thought. So I figured that I would just take a little nap then wake up to do my homework. As I dose off into nothingness my brainstems started to go to work. My eyes began to roll in the back of my head and I was officially in a different world. But then something happened, I saw light, and did not know what was going to happen next.
             Bam! Like a dash of lightning she stopped right in front of me. My eyes got real big, I started to gasp, I became speechless. What a beautiful creation she was. I wanted to speak but the words just would not come out. I wanted to touch her, but when I moved she would caution me. I looked around and noticed that I had now been surrounded by trees, and one narrow path that stood between me and Gods creation. I spun around in circles but all I could see was trees; I started to become confused. But then I heard a calling, I then turned back to look at her, she began to call my name. She then extended one arm and invited me in.
             Her name was Modeni and she was gorgeous. Her body had no flaws, every dimension of her had to have been sculpted by the hands of God himself. As I walked around her I noticed the figure eight shape that men dream they could find. I could not believe that I was fixing to join her hold, so that we could become one. I just had to get inside of her, besides she had invited me, so I must. I grabbed a hold of her arm got inside and shut the door. I had never been inside such a prestigious car. .
             The leather grabbed my skin like the finest coat to have been put on the market. The stirring wheel was set perfectly in place to have a firm, comfortable ride. As I caressed the wheel a sudden thump hit the passenger sit next to me.

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