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Huck Finn relationship with jim

            The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain is an adventure of a boy named Huck Finn. Huck begins his journey a nave adolescent that loves an excellent adventure. Huck matures throughout the novel by befriending a slave named Jim. Huck is mean and treats Jim like dirt. However by the conclusion of he novel, Huck realizes his true friendship with Jim and proves his maturity.
             Huck finds a canoe floating down the river and jumps in it. Before he know it he is floating down the river and has no control. Huck hollers for Jim and he hears a whooping noise. After some time of yelling Huck gives up because the fog has made him very confused. Huck then sees Jim sleeping and lies under him. Jim wakes up and cannot believe Huck is alive. He though he had drowned. Jim then asks him where he had gone. Huck tells Jim that he had been sleeping right there the whole time and calls Jim a fool. Jim finally agrees and thinks it was a dream. Jim then starts to tell Huck about his dream until Huck slips and asks about the broken oar and trash in the boat. Jim then recognized that he had not told Huck that part yet and also know he had been fooled. Jim gets up and walks away. Huck then felt bad and knew the trick was cruel. Huck listened to his conscience and says to himself, " I didn't do him no more mean tricks, and I wouldn't done that one if I'd a' knowed it would make him feel that way-. (Huck Finn p78) After fooling Jim Huck feels awful and apologizes to Jim. Huck shows he is capable of remorse and a step closer to maturity.
             Huck and Jim's adventure brought them to meet many people. Two of them, the Duke and King, were mean to Huck and Jim and made them come along with them. After getting into trouble with the Duke and King they decide to sell Jim to the Phelps family. Huck finds out and gets caught up in a moral dilemma. Huck was taught that helping a runaway slave was a sin. Huck writes a letter to Miss Watson, letting her know where Jim was.

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