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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

             Summary of Profession and career need.
             Career options today are as varied as the people in them. You can truly be whatever you wish. The only problem is choosing the career path that is right for you. With the demand for Healthcare Professionals and alternative medicines on the rise, the need for adequately trained personnel is a hard one to meet.
             Diagnostic Medical Sonography is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to radiologic procedures such as X ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Accounting for approximately 33,000 jobs in the United States in 2000, compared to the 167,000 jobs held by radiologic technicians, Sonography is a small, but rapidly growing field. .
             Taking into account the various aspects, such as occupational outlook, earnings potential, and working conditions, will help narrow the choices in healthcare. This report was compiled to help ensure an educated decision when choosing Sonography as a career goal. The information contained specifically addresses common questions of students:.
             1. What is Sonography?.
             2. What are the benefits of becoming a Sonographer?.
             3. What is needed to become a Sonographer?.
             4. Are there specialty areas and further education?.
             What is sonography? In diagnostic imaging, there are several different procedures that help the doctors when diagnosing ailments. Radiology, commonly known as x ray, uses radiation to produce a picture on film. Another common imaging method, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), uses giant magnets and radio waves to create an image. However, Sonography uses sound waves to generate an image. .
             Diagnostic medical sonographers use special equipment and powerful computers to direct high frequency sound waves into parts of a patient's body through a wand called a transducer. The equipment collects reflected echoes of the sound waves and forms them into an image for diagnosis by a physician.

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