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             I selected to do my job shadowing at Jefferson Memorial Hospital. I went to work with a Sonographer on the morning of December 18, 2002. I was taken to the radiology department and introduced to her supervisor and the rest of the people with whom she worked. I was then familiarized with all the equipment that we would be using during exams. I have learned that before doing any kind of exam, the Sonographer must have knowledge of the human anatomy. A Sonographer must also know the machine and equipment used in doing an exam.
             There are many transducers that can be used to do different types of exams. Some are used for the abdomen, some are used for the pelvic and OB exams, others used for echocardiograms. When starting exams, a clean sheet is always put on the exam table before each patient. The Sonographer should always wash his or her hand before and after each exam, to prevent the spread of germs. It is also very important to make sure your patient is comfortable and at ease with what is going on. Explaining what you are doing, keeping the patient calm and reassuring him will make the experience better for both involved. The patients information is typed into the machine. A gel is then put on the area of the patient to be scanned. The exam is completed in a dark room, the only lights are form the machine. This enables the Sonographer to focus on the screen much better. .
             Patients are seen through the Emergency Room some days, but most have scheduled appointments. Ultra Sounds are most commonly done through the abdomen, but they may also be done through the vagina. This last type is done on women who are in their first-trimester of pregnancy. It maybe somewhat uncomfortable but it generally provides better images in the early stages of pregnancy and can be very useful in diagnosing ectopic pregnancies and fetal abnormalities. A basic ultra sound takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

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