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Breast Cancer

            Breast cancer is the most common pestilence in women and the second leading cause of cancer death . It's known that the origin and cure are mysterious. Breast cancer is when an uncontrolled growth of cells without a specific function form in the breast area of a person, killing normal cells and tissue.(Funk & Wagnall Encyclopedia) This performance causes a lump or mass to form.
             While the cases of breast cancer as well as the recovery rate continues to rise, breast cancer is nothing new to today's society. Breast cancer has been around for centuries. Cases of breast cancer have been dated back to the Egyptians when they would burn away (cauterize) the cancerous tissues. Surgery was an extremely immoderate treatment considering there was no anesthesia available. According to the doctrines of the Greek physician Caudius Galen (130-200 AD), whose works on physiology and anatomy dominated medical thought until the Middle Ages, melancholia was the chief factor in the development of breast cancer. (Breast Cancer Society of Canada) Patients were put on special diets and sometimes exorcism was recommended. .
             In the Rennassance Era, Andreas Vesalius, an anatomist, thought of the mastectomy, which is still used today. The spread of the deadly disease came about by Dr. LeDran (1685-1770). This was a major breakthrough in comprehending the illness. Surgeons didn't start keeping detailed records of breast cancer until the mid 1800's. Those statistics indicate that even those treated by mastectomy had a high rate of recurrence within eight years "especially when the glands or lymph nodes were affected. Nevertheless, the common treatment was to remove the breast and the surrounding glands in an effort to stave off any further tumor development. (2) .
             By the late 1800's, a mastectomy was a common procedure along with removing the auxilery nodes to stop the spread of breast cancer. Most of the mastectomies carried out were for more radical cases of breast cancer in objective to small "lumps" of cancerous tissue found in the breast.

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