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The effects of Alcoholism

            Alcoholism Affects More Than What You Think.
             Alcoholism is a problem that many Americans deal with today. Whether a person drinks just because he or she wants to or just to feel relaxed, the effects of it are still negative. The effects caused by alcoholism are numerous and are not the same for everyone. The effects depend on how much and how often the person drinks. The consequences of abusing alcohol can be worse for a person who is not in good health. Alcoholics are not the only people affected, the people around their life also suffer. These effects can be summed up three categories: physical, emotional, and social. .
             There are many physical effects that people suffering from alcoholism have to cope with. Alcohol can be as dangerous as any drug. Excessively drinking overtime can increase the risk of getting liver diseases and hepatitis. Also, you can have heart failure, epilepsy, nerve damage, and high blood pressure. These diseases and others can cause you to have less energy, terrible health, and a shorter life span. An irregular heart rate and heart beat is a result of alcoholism. A person's bladder and kidney can also be affected. The lining of an alcoholics bladder can become irritated and there can be a large amount of fluid loss in the kidneys. Chronic diseases in the pancreas can also be an effect of alcoholism. Stomach ulcers can be another result of drinking. The alcohol irritates the person's stomach lining. In addition, an alcoholic's skin is another part of the body that is effected. Alcohol causes the small blood vessels in the skin to become larger than what they should be. This causes the person's face to become red. When a person's blood alcohol level is .20 to .60 %, their breathing becomes a lot deeper and slower ("Effects of Alcoholism," Grace). Blurred vision, loss of coordination, and delayed reactions can also result in serious physical damage or even death, especially while driving under the influence of alcohol.

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