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             Alcoholism is a major problem that goes masked through the world that we live in today. It has been streaming through the veins of life we call society. It goes throughout this world like a parasite eating at the backbone of existence, our people today. Alcoholism is infecting the world. It is a very real thing that needs not to go overlooked for any longer. Alcoholism is one of the nations oldest, most widespread diseases that have many different effects, consequences, and treatments for its many victims. .
             Alcoholism is a problem that consists of consuming enough alcohol to interfere with every part of life. Whether it is your mental or physical health, social, family, and or job related responsibilities. Alcoholics don't only hurt themselves; they hurt family and friends too. Alcoholism is a chronic disease that can persist if no treatment or help is practiced. It is often a problem that is denied by the patient. This is a disease that does not just go away. It gets progressively worse as time goes on, and an alcoholic can never get better. Alcoholics have to stay sober after they quit for the rest of their lives. Even one drink can make alcoholism bomb into life again. "The alcohol controls the alcoholic -- not vice versa" ( What is Alcoholism - 1 ).
             There are many ways that alcoholism can creep into life, genetics, family, social problems, and many more. Some say that people can be genetically more likely to create .
             alcoholism in their life ( James D. Torr - 73 ). Genetics can play a role in any disease. If.
             a child comes from a long line of relatives and immediate family that consists of alcoholics, this child is more likely to become an alcoholic himself. All people are predisposed with certain genes that make up what seems like fate, but isn't. Alcoholism is not fate. It is a factor, or choice in life. The study between genetics and alcoholism is still being studied today ( James D.

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