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            One evening a group of friends and I were sitting at my house watching.
             As we were all sitting there we suddenly heard someone banging on my.
             door, I couldn't think of who it would be at that time of night. As I looked through.
             the window, I saw my Uncle Jim standing there. All I was able to notice when I.
             opened the door was his bloodshot eyes and the strong odor of alcohol coming.
             from his breath. As he was walking up my hallway stairs, I can only remember.
             him stumbling, and stating "There's no way I can go home". Even though having.
             been around alcoholics in my life, I have never truly understood what makes.
             some people so attached to the alcohol. Many people today feel that alcoholism.
             is an addiction which is a settled habit, but I feel that alcoholism is considered a.
             progressive disease where a person consumes excessive amounts of alcohol.
             and is unable to control his/her need to drink (Encyclopedia of Psychology.
             111-115). This is because alcoholism has been classified as a disease by the.
             American Medical Society as well as by the National Council of Alcoholism.
             because of the four factors such as it has symptoms and signs, it is diagnosable,.
             it is progressive, and it can be treated (Facts about alcohol and Alcoholism 8).
             Drinking alcohol is an individual choice. People may drink for many.
             different reasons. A few examples of why people drink are to be more sociable,.
             be relaxed, and to feel bigger or stronger (Kinney & Leaton 8). It does, however.
             become a problem when a person has an overwhelming compulsion to drink. .
             This is when they are considered to be an alcoholic.
             Alcoholism has many early warning signs and symptoms, any one of.
             which a person can signal a developing problem. Some of the symptoms consist.
             of gulping the alcohol beverage in large amounts, or hiding the amount of.
             alcohol they consumed from others. For example, keeping bottles stashed in the.
             trunk of a car, or the man or woman who even find hiding places in their homes.

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