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Passage To India: Is Aziz Guilty?

             The chapter begins with Aziz and Miss Quested led by a guide to explore the Marabar caves. As the day passed, Aziz grew weary of Miss Quested company, as did Miss Quested of Aziz. Miss Quested asked Aziz personal questions about his marital status and Aziz felt disrespected by her curtness and obtuse questions. Aziz feeling annoyed, left her to herself and hide inside a nearby cave to avoid seeing her. Later that day when Aziz tried to find her, he was unable to. That same afternoon he met with Fielding and Mrs. Moore. Preceding there journey back to their homes, Aziz encountered a police officer at a train station. The officer accused Aziz of physically and sexually assaulting Miss Quested. She stated that she was able to escape him and flee away just in time to see Mrs. Derek passing in her car at Kawa Dol. Immediately Aziz denies the accusation. He states that there must have been some sort of miscommunication or confusion on Miss Quested's part. Aziz is then taken to a local police station where he is further questioned and interrogated. Aziz then patiently waits in a jail cell for his chance to prove his innocence in court.
             I believe that Aziz couldn't have committed the crime. This is because he had no time or privacy to conceive the crime. The tour guide was with him the entire expedition. Although I"m certain he must have thought that Miss Quested might have gotten upset with him leaving her behind, so she might have purposely accused him. But surely he did not expected her to react in such manor. Especially since he treated decently throughout the expedition. Besides, he didn't show any signs of physical attraction to her, so I believe that Aziz didn't have any motive to assault Miss Quested.
             The only clue or piece of evidence that has been found has been Miss Quested's field-glasses. They were found by Aziz when he tried to look for her after she disappeared. Later that afternoon they were retrieved by an Indian Officer in the police station inside Aziz's pocket.

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