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Mob Mentality

            Homicide, manslaughter, whatever you want to call it, murder is murder. It does not matter the age, sex, or race of the murderer - the results are the same. A life has been taken. In the Milwaukee case, as in any, the age or financial background should not be a factor in deciding on how to try the defendant. These young boys cannot use their age as an excuse for a vicious murder. They are born with a natural sense of morality, and they have a conscience. Their financial background has even less of a significance, for we have all seen that the "good neighborhood bad neighborhood- stereotypes have all been proven wrong. .
             However, in deciding how to punish these kids, we must consider the issue of "mob mentality-. In this case, almost twenty people contributed to this man's death. They did not all spontaneously get the idea to brutally kill an innocent man. There had to have been some instigators to get the crowd riled up. The instigators should definitely be tried as adults, for a penalty of jail time. The children who followed should not be let off the hook, but they should be sent to a juvenile detention center.
             This story brings up the issue of mob mentality. We have all heard of stories of mobs and riots, and we wonder what those people were thinking. However, when we think about it, we have all been in a situation of mob mentality. I recall an incident last summer, when I went to the Warped Tour. My friends and I got to the concert early to get a good spot. We did, and were about twenty feet away from the stage. By the time the show was to start, we were packed in extremely tight and were surrounded by a mass of people. As soon as the band came on stage, we were all thrown towards the stage. Right then, we knew that we wanted to get out of that concert. However, with hundred of people on all sides, we also knew there was no way out. Our group was pushed apart, and I was left with only one of my friends.

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