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People Make History

             William Clyde de Vane states "one of these things is the capacity for greatness in man "his capacity for being often the master of the event "and sometimes even more "the changer of the course of history itself."" I agree with this quote that people do make history and people can change history. People throughout that past of changed to course of history and people will continue to make history as time progress on forever and ever. .
             In Charles Dickens novel Tale of Two Cities, we see how people make history. One major factor in how this takes place is the mob action describe by Dickens during the French Revolution and during The Terror of 1792-1794. These specific events in history were basically the cause and effect of people. The cause; rich aristocrats who didn't' care about the mass in general, as long as the rich were happy the poor could starve and die for all they cared. The effect; the poor, revolted and took things into their own hands. Mob mentality took over and history was made in the hands of the poor, better yet in the hands of men.
             But what does it take for a mob to become strong and have the strength to change and make history? In answer to that a mob needs a strong man. One person to defy the monarchy and take things into their own hands. When people see this, this drives them to do what others are doing. The whole thing with a mob is that if everyone is doing it then no one could get into trouble. Dickens describes this mob mentality during many scenes in his book but one scene that sticks out in my mind is where the mob storms the Bastille. Thousands of people are slaughtered at the hands of men and if it weren't for the voices of few, no one would have had the courage to do that. By choosing to take part in these frivolous activities, people made history and throughout these revolutions continued down this path, making history. .
             Another argument of how people make history would have to be the actions of Napoleon Bonaparte.

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