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Unexpected Decision

             Eighty three percent of all pregnancies are "unexpected." By that I mean the parents were not trying to get pregnant. When experiencing an unexpected pregnancy there are three basic options; keep the baby, abortion or adoption. About seventy percent of people choose to keep and raise the baby. Around twenty percent either opt for abortion or they miscarry. And finally only about ten percent choose to place their baby in adoption services. Many people don't explore that option for going ahead with an abortion. I would like to discuss the difference between the two and why adoption might be the better option.
             Abortion is a procedure done by a doctor that involves removing the fetus before the third trimester (3 months) of pregnancy. It is a quick out patient procedure and may be covered by insurance companies. In some cases they are free, as offered by Planned Parenthood. This method is often chosen because it is a confidential procedure and can be done before anyone knows you are pregnant. This is often the choice of young mothers to be or someone trying to hind their pregnancy.
             Adoption is a little more complicated. There are two forms of adoption; private and open. Private adoption is when you find a family on your own or through a church or even newspaper ad. The family usually pays your medical bills and offers money after the baby born, in some cases up 100,000 dollars. Open adoption involves an agency that will find the child a home. In most cases you don't get to meet the people adopting your baby and there is minimal reimbursement.
             Abortion is very controversial. Many people believe that life starts at conception and that abortion is murder. I believe that a woman has the right to choose. But, I also think that many woman don't really ever consider adoption, they just jump right into an abortion. There are a variety of reasons why women don't choose adoption. For some it is very difficult to carry the child for nine months and then give it up.

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