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Equality (racisim)

            I have chosen to talk about racial problems, inequality, and the rights everyone has as a person. My article is a good example that states these problems. It is as follows:.
             Two police officers who abandoned an aboriginal man on the outskirts of Saskatoon on a freezing cold night have been sentenced to eight months in jail.
             Ken Munson and Dan Hatchen were convicted of unlawful confinement. The crown has asked for a minimum one-year sentence. The maximum penalty is 10 years.
             Judge Eugene Scheibel stated the fact that both men were facing financial ruin as reasons for the lighter sentence. Both men lost their jobs and their pensions after the incident. At the same time, the judge had harsh words for them. "The accused demonstrated a flagrant disregard for the life, safety and well-being of the complainant. They abused their position of trust to a high degree." .
             The two officers admitted to leaving Darrell Night near a power station on the early morning of January. 28, 2000 as the temperature dipped to -22, but they say he asked to be let out of the car anywhere.
             The officers had asked to be sentenced by an aboriginal sentencing circle, but Night refused to participate, saying he did not think it would be healing. Lawyers for the two men have filed appeals. Both Hatchen and Munson have been released on bail.
             This article relates to racial problems in how the officers dropped an aboriginal man on the outskirts of Saskatoon knowing that it was freezing outside. They had no respect for this man in doing what they did. This is also about inequality in how the court had only sentenced eight months for the officers where as a person that is not an officer could have gotten more time. I believe that what the judge said is not true. I know the reason for the lighter sentence is not because of the financial ruins. To me, the judge was giving these officers a break. The judge should have been harder on the officers because they knew at the time of dropping this man on the outskirts of Saskatoon,that it was wrong.

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