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             We live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, right? Is everybody free? The United States of America has gone through riots and even a war to ensure that people are treated equally, but even today it is evident that maybe the riots and the war just put a mask on the racisim that was once very open and accepted. Today, it seems as though people acknowledge the fact that we cannot openly be racists but many keep their thoughts hidden deep within them. This is what I believe causes racist attacks and confrontations. We say we live in the land in the free and I question that. Also, we say we.
             live in the land of the brave and I question this to. In most aspects the American people have earned the right to call themself brave, Americans have been through many struggles to become the super power we are today,but it seems to me that most American people are not brave enough to realize a very obvious problem in this country. Racisim is almost a taboo subject to most of the citizens. Almost like sex and pornography it is shunned by most people. They rather not talk about but they know it's there and they know unlike sex or pornography, racisim is wrong. America was started by people who did not want to be neglected by their country or told what to do in their country, so these people decided to leave their country and begin a new country. Now, I see something wrong here. Call me crazy but aren't we going against our own believes here as Americans by oppressing other races in these "United" States?.
             I don't know but maybe the racisim in this country is so clear that people see right through it? I take a walk from one class to another on campus and I know what groups of people would accept me and what groups wouldn't. Now as white kid I dont think I can fully understand being black or a minorty but I can only imagine how much harder it must be. I admit if I was black I probably would look at a white person with a negative attitude.

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