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             In the information about intersexuality it describes sexual identity as how you see yourself physically, and it describes gender identity as how you see yourself socially. As described in the book sex refers to the biological characteristics distinguishing male and female, emphasizing the differences in chromosomes, anatomy, hormones, and reproductive systems. Gender refers to those social, cultural, and psychological traits linked to males and females. Sex makes us male or female, and gender makes us masculine or feminine. Sexual identity is what you"re born with, and gender identity is learned. .
             Gender is a product of society based on how you feel comfortable around others. If your sex is male, but you feel as though you are more of a woman, you may choose to live as a woman so that you will be perceived as a woman. Or you may be more comfortable with people thinking of you as a woman than having people think of you as a man, who acts like woman. Gender is a product of society in the fact that people with intersexual bodies don't have a place to fit in. They are brought up to believe that you are male or female and to them they are caught in the middle. They are confused because though they may be termed females, the part of them that is male may be what their actions are determined by. In the case on the website this girl was brought up thinking that she was wrong for having feelings for a woman when really her body had been picked for her by her parents. They choose for her to be a girl so therefore she believed that she should like males. Then she went down that road and married a man but felt unhappy. Then she meets a woman who made her come to life and knew that was what .
             she needed and wanted in her life. She chose to change to a man and be with this woman so she would look more like she fit in with the society around her.
             I believe that one's sex should have more importance on ones life experience but I believe that in today's society that gender is probably said to have more of an influence on one's life experience.

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