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            Hinduism is an ancient religion of people looking for explanations for the things that are beyond human power. Hinduism has many gods/goddess, scriptures that they hold to be true, rules they live by, belief in an afterlife, and rituals they perform whenever the time is right. Hindus follow the religion strictly and try their best to live the life they were given by the standards of their religion. .
             The only historic document that contains the origination of the Hinduism religion resides in the religious writings of the Vedas (the Hindu holy book.) Hinduism has developed into the religion that it is today over time. Scriptures are the center of the beliefs, rituals and gods of these early Hindus; this results in adding to history of the civilization. In the early Hindu religious ideas were developed. Religion was a central part in the Indus valley, it was the basis of forming their society, specifically the way humans interacted with each other.
             The religion of Hinduism is located mainly in South East Asia, primarily in India. Around 3,000 BC near what we know as Pakistan and northwest India a culture thrived on the banks of the Indus River. A culture that believed in proper hygiene and had baths in public areas dedicated to cleanliness. Some of these baths are still located in the modern Hindu Temples. Later about 3,000 years ago the Aryans invaded the Indus valley. When the Aryans arrived though the Indus civilization was a bit in disorder. In the beginning the Aryans did not participate in Rituals performed by the Indus people but later adapted some of them into there own culture. Eventually the Indus people merged with the Aryan culture. So the final structure was Aryan in structure, but many non-Aryan beliefs and practices.
             Just about every religion has a way to live, certain rules and rituals that you must follow to remain healthy, spiritually and physically. The Hindus partake in many rituals.

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