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Understanding Bisexuality

             "Bisexual: A person whose affectional and sexual orientations are to members of both sexes, either serially or simultaneously. Sometimes referred to as ambisexual." .
             (Bohan, Glossary xi).
             Bisexuality as a Category: .
             Being labeled as bisexual means that a person is attracted to both males and females regardless of gender. The definition of Bisexuality may be relatively simple, but in reality, the lives of a bisexual person are anything but. Bisexuality can be a difficult topic for people to understand. Our society is taught of having two terms or ideas of sexuality: heterosexuality and homosexuality, but human sexuality is way more complex than that. It is difficult, if not impossible, to put all of human sexuality into two categories (or even three). Becoming or having a bisexual identity is as difficult for people to realize and acknowledge as it is for someone to realize their homosexuality. .
             Along with the problems arising from being labeled as "gay," bisexual people need to find the recognition that they are neither gay nor straight. It's this middle ground between heterosexuality and homosexuality that is difficult for bisexuals to reach and for the non-bisexuals to comprehend and acknowledge. "Development of a bisexual identity involves the need to come to terms with, and accept, both the heterosexual and homosexual aspects of one's feelings, attractions, and desires. Further, it requires the ability to integrate homosexually and heterosexually oriented aspects of self into a cohesive sexual orientation, which can then be experienced as a congruent, affirmative aspect of one's self-concept." (Fox, 30).
             Diversity of Bisexuality:.
             Bisexuality may seem simple and straightforward, but just as with heterosexuality and homosexuality, there are many ways bisexuality can be lived and experienced. There are many different reasons that people consider themselves to be bisexual. The majority of people labeling themselves as bisexual do so because they have had or have physical relationships with people of both genders.

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