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causes of homophobia

             Prejudices towards gay and lesbians have been going on for many years now. There are many types of prejudices against the gay and lesbian community in the world today, understanding it however "is no less complex then understanding racial violence" (Vasquez pg 495), meaning understanding prejudices towards them is just as hard as understanding why people commit racial violence. These prejudices Parillo describes in his narrative will be applied to understand homophobia. .
             Prejudice "is a rejection of certain people solely on the basis of their membership in a particular group" (Parrillo pg 549). This is exactly what most of America and the world has towards gays, lesbians and bisexuals, the feelings towards these people are they are inferior to the rest of the "normal people" meaning heterosexuals. These so called normal people basically hate gays and lesbians not just because of who they are but because of with whom they associate with. There is also ethnocentrism which rejects all of the groups that the "in-group" says. In this case the in-group the heterosexual's says to reject the group of the homosexuals referring to the gays, lesbians and bisexuals.
             There are many types of prejudices Parillo describes in his narrative one the the prejudices he describes "exists on three levels: cognitive, emotional, and action orientation" (Parrillo pg 549). On the cognitive level it's based on the person's beliefs or .
             Patel 2.
             perceptions of a particular group and in this case the majority of the people believe that gays and lesbians are not equal to everybody else. They are seen on the lowest end of the social ladder. From the emotional level it refers to the feeling individuals have towards a .
             particular group. These feeling are usually based on stereotypes that people have about gays and lesbians. One stereotype people have about gay and lesbians are where they .
             think if the person is homosexual they will "try to hit on them".

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