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If Nothing Else, Accept The Facts!

            Pansy, queer, fruit, fairy, homo, dyke, pillow biter, fudge packer, flamer, faggot. How many times have you heard someone use one of these demeaning terms? How many times have you personally used these terms to describe an individual or how a person is acting? Do you ever really think about the connotation of the words you are using or whom they may offend? Homosexuality is not prevalent in our society; however as time moves on, the issue has come to the forefront of many debates. Among the main topics surrounding "the homosexual world" are same sex marriages and if homosexuality is a choice. Also, another large factor is if homosexuals develop a gender comparable to same sex marriages. Homosexuals must contend with Homophobia too. In any viewpoint though, homosexuality is part of our society and will always be. .
             Gender and the roles of gender play a large part in society. We widely identify the differences in physical make up as gender, however this is completely wrong. The word we are looking for is "sex." Defined by Webster's II New College Dictionary as "the property or quality by which many living things are classified according to their reproductive functions." While gender is defined as "a set of two or more categories, as masculine, feminine, and neuter, into which words are divided according to sex, animation, and psychological association [. . .]." As you can see we typically use the wrong terms thus describing things incorrectly. .
             Women are typically viewed as a more sentimental caregiver. Their role in society has changed over the years, but women typically were the ones to stay at home with children and take care of household chores such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry. Moreover, males typically are rough and tough. They rarely are seen to cry and are usually the "rock" for their companion. Although men do acquire a relationship with children in most cases the emotional attachment is not as strong as a mother.

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