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Exegesis Acts 11:1-19

            The Acts of the Apostles is the lynch pin of the New Testament. Bridging the gap between the time of Christ and that of the start of the early church. Acts serves as an opportunity to supply the readers of the bible with a sense in which Paul and the other writers wrote during this period. This Exegesis is intended to focus on Acts 1:1-18. .
             After reading each scripture carefully as well as in prayer. I settled upon one that spoke to my heart, that being Acts 11:1-18. After settling upon Acts 11:1-18, I set about reading the books of Acts totally again and again until I got the feeling of the book and what the Author of Acts was trying to say. I then went and wrote down questions I had while reading the book and started consulting commentaries and in depth studies in the library to see what they had to say about the passage. After reading through all these, I consulted my notes and selected the information and passages I would later need. Then I reviewed my questions and wrote down any more I might had after all that research and began to cross out those I felt were answered and went about reading for more. After carefully selecting the texts and reading through my notes. I attempted to put them in some form of organization. I reviewed them carefully to see whether I had a balanced view of all of the arguments to the identity of the author, the setting, being careful to answer all the categories in the hand out. .
             After that I started to create a rough draft, followed by a second and a third. Each time going back to review my information and questions to make sure that I answered them clearly.
             The author of Acts seems to be the same Author that wrote Luke. They"re both writing to the same person and the style of writing seems to be consistent. Some people have ascribed the writer of these two works to be Luke, the Physician of Antioch and is widely accepted to be that. In fact, according to Bruce's Commentary on the Book of Acts reveals the external evidence goes back to the decades of the Second century.

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