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Much Ado About Nothing (comedy)

             According to Auden, "Since this is a comedy, we, the audience, know that all will [work out] in the end, that Beatrice and Benedick [and] Claudio and Hero will get happily married" (125). What the audience does not know is how the play will plot out. The reason why this quote applies to this paper is because W.H. Auden supports that Much Ado About Nothing is a comedy written by Shakespeare. " It is so, indeed; he is no less than a [overconfident] man. But well, we are all [human]" (5). Beatrice and Benedick say this in the beginning of the play. What the audience does not know yet is the fact that Beatrice has only met Benedick a few times yet already creates an abstract of how she does not like him. This is a prime example of how the witty dialogue already begins within a few sentences of the play. Much Ado About Nothing contains comic qualities by love affairs between the characters, witty dialogue, and marriage. .
             One aspect of comedy that Much Ado About Nothing portrays is love affair. According to Auden, " Beatrice and Benedick resist each other because, being both proud and intelligent, they do not wish to be helpless slaves of emotion" (126). Benedick and Beatrice hide their feelings in the beginning by making fun of each other. When Benedick overhears Claudio, Don Pedro, and Leonato speaking of how Beatrice loves .
             Benedick, he suddenly becomes interested in her and claims his loves for her. Leonato says "But my lord, I cannot tell what I think of it, but she loves him with an enraged .
             affection, it is past the infinite thought" (37). Benedick's friends trick him into liking Beatrice by letting him overhear of how Beatrice loves him.But not only was Benedick tricked but Beatrice was tricked as well; her friends also lead her to believe that Beatrice loved her.They felt pity for each other and dated one another because of it.The love affair between Benedick and Beatrice is an example of a comedy because it shows how they both let their guards down by saying they love each other.

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