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Much Ado About Nothing

             From the first line of Much Ado About Nothing until the very end, a reader will discover interesting, comedic, memorable characters. Leonato, the governor of Messina, is a gullible and easily swayed person. Leonato realizes that Hero was not lying when she says she was loyal, faithful, and true to Claudio. This makes Leonato trust her more, and makes him also have less faith in Claudio, Don Pedro, and Don John. .
             Beatrice, the leading lady, and Benedick, the leading man, are very much in love, but they are also in complete denial of this passion. Eventually, they openly express their amorous feelings for each other. In addition to Leonato, Beatrice, and Benedick, William Shakespeare introduces us to other notable characters such as - Claudio, Don Pedro, Don John, and Hero. .
             When we first meet Beatrice, one of the main characters in this play, she is a strong, independent woman who frequently shoots verbal insults at others. Without a care or a thought, Beatrice slurs everyone, including her family members and her friends. She has a mysterious hatred toward Benedick at the first part of this comedy, but later we realize that this is because he has caused her unheard of emotional distress. By the end of Much Ado About Nothing, Beatricetones down her tongue? and discovers the true meaning of love. .
             Claudio and Hero are clever and sneaky characters who decide to be matchmakers for Beatrice and Benedick. Claudio agrees to have a conversation with his friends about how much Beatrice loves Benedick. They plan to chat just in time for Benedick to overhear them. Hero decides to do the same thing, except talk about how much Benedick loves Beatrice. Claudio and Hero hope this will make their friends fall in love. Their scheme works, and afterward, Benedick asks Beatrice to marry him. (She says yes.).
             The other main female character in this play is Hero, Leonato's daughter and Beatrice's cousin.

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