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The Concept Of Diversity

            Diversity is the " differences and similarities in the experiences, needs, and beliefs of people.) There are many ways to classify diversities yet all agree that diversities are not a choice. Diversities relates to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, and size to name a few. The experiences of diversity that a person has make up their life. .
             " Finding out about these multiple identities which shape the critical consciousness of an individual is part of understanding the unique diversity of a person."(Lum, pg40.) .
             My Own Diversity .
             What makes me diverse? I am a female, a mother, student, computer operator, 35, Caucasian, single, Irish, English, American Indian, a Veteran, and an actor. I was born in Michigan however, my dad was in the military so, we moved. Following in my father's footsteps I also joined the military this exposed me to 45 different states and 7 different countries. With the exposure to different lifestyles nothing is as shocking as it was when I first joined the military. My morals have not changed, just the way I apply them to others. What I expect from myself in the next 5 years is to finish my MFA in Theater and to continue raising my children to the best of my ability. .
             The Diversity of a Group.
             Native Americans have 55 different tribes in North America. Even though it seems that this is a large number of tribes, it was not until the census in the 1990 that more people declared their ancestry. Native Americans were forced into assimilation in earlier years because of their heritage; however, in today's society the Native Americans are protected by Constitutional amendments, which allow them to preserve their heritage. With the approval of the gaming laws on Native American Reservations, it provides Native Americans employment and a growth in income. Yet with all the progression that the Native American society has made a misconception of teepee's and alcoholics still exists in the perception of people today.

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