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            Within every organizational group, there is a degree of diversity that exists. This article addresses the issue of diversity and introduces a new concept of group composition called faultlines. This concept depends on the position of characteristics held by every individual member within the organisational group. If there is strong faultlines within a group i.e. members in the group are similar in many ways, the group is able to work together easily to shorten the processes and initial stages of a project. However, the existence of strong faultlines can also be a disadvantage as it restricts creativity and maximises the chance of group conflicts. The article applies the theory of faultlines to the development of an organisational group and discusses the various outcomes.
             The creation of the theory of faultlines is very successful in that it can be applied to any group situation and gives a good understanding of the diversity an organisational group can contain. This article portrays this theory clearly and orderly, however, was found to be very repetitive in certain areas.
             Empirical studies on managing conflict.
             The basic outline of this article deals with managing conflict within an organisational group. It can be seen from article 1 that when there is diversity in a group, there will always be conflict. The idea of dispute in an organisational group however, is argued in this article. The question raised is whether a moderate level of dispute is desirable in order to enhance learning and effectiveness in an organization. It can be seen that when there is a weak faultline within a group i.e. that there is minimal similarities throughout the group, more cases of conflict will arise and it is important to understand how to control this problem to avoid dysfunction.
             The main advantage to this article is that it is short and to the point and addresses the important issues dealing with group conflict.

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