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A Study on Obedience

             Obedience is what makes the individual contribute to the group as a whole. The individual may not want to do the appropriate task given but because of his/her obedience to the given assignment, he/she will go through with the act willingly. Whether the task given by the superior was engaged because of personal pride, emotional attachment from the person's conscious or lack of ability to stand up to authority, Obedience plays a major role in a employer/employee type company. .
             When given an order from a superior, the average person will follow the order no matter how unethical or criminal that act might be. Many examples have been given to how obedience has taken a major part in completing tasks when people shouldn't: From the Nazi Regime, getting into a fight in school to purposely hitting the batter in baseball with a pitch. Every Nazi followed every order to "better" the order as a whole, even if it meant abusing and murdering numerous victims who weren't Anglo-Saxons. Fights in school are usually started when an individual insults another individual. Because of his/her obedience towards defending his/her honor (family, friends, etc.) the fight starts even though most of the time neither individual wants to fight in the first place. Even in sports obedience becomes a factor. In baseball, if a catcher or coach signals for the pitcher to hit the hitter with a pitch, a pitcher doesn't prefer to follow through with the action. But because he is given an order from a superior, he obeys the task and follows through. Almost everything we do during our daily schedule will have some sort of obedient influence on each task.
             A psychological study given by a man by the name of Stanley Milgram. In his writing, "Behavioral Study of Obedience"1, Milgram explains his tests the obedience of the average man to perform a simple but outrageous task. Before the experiment starts, each participant is given a reasonable amount of money and they"re never threatened with anything if they don't follow through with the assignments given to them.

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