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The Fault of Man: Evil

             Man is and will forever be the root of all evil in the world. No matter what implementations is used to stop the evil in a person, like sending them to a correctional facility, man will always have the trill of chaos in the back of there mind. Mankind, from the dawn of existence to the now 21st century, has always found a "good" reason to want harm done to a person or to the extent of a place to get a purpose across. The fact of the matter is that mans evil is another natural gene in any humans soul. This, however, leads to not only a personal affair, but can reach into the extent of a worldwide panic of the blockading of foreign ports to other countries, terrorism, and war.
             Evil in the world takes humans in as a belief, infecting all that want to pass their beliefs off as practical but harming those that defy it. Evil in the past few years have led from terrorism on the American homeland, all the way to Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and spreading to North-Western Asia. For the sake of eliminating terrorism in the world, wars have broken out onto many fronts to counter terrorism. In doing so, George W. Bush, President of the United States of America, has defied the United Nations, broken the rules of war, and turn the world's strongest economy into the largest deficit that the world has ever seen, not to mention the countless allies that Bush has stabbed in the back in trying to "stop terrorism". People say that Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein are evil, and this is a true fact that cannot be denied, but the evil in the world can also be known as George W. Bush, for he has sacrificed the countries children for the good of man kind when no weapons of mass destruction or even a trace of them were present in Iraq, George is merely trying to finish what his father started ten years ago.
             In the past, evil was labeled communism, even though no such type of government has ever been established in the world.

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