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A Good Man is Hard to Find (Re

            I thought "A Good Man is Hard to Find," a short story by Flannery O"conner, was a delight. There were many components that made this piece so great. Among these, the relationships of the characters and how they treat each other created a good base or backdrop for the story. The narrator, the grandma of the family, seemed to give the writing more depth from her unusual point of view. Also, there was that timeless question of good and evil; forcing readers to look at human nature, disturbing as it may be.
             When we, the readers, are first introduced to this family it's obvious how disfunctional they are. The two children, June and John, are essentially little snots: They don't seem to respect anyone in the story! The mother is known simply as "the mother" without strength enough to have a name or effect to story or even her family for that matter. Baily, both a son and father, seems to hate his life and family enough not to even try to make things better. Instead he has a "life sucks" attitude and daydreams his way out of it.
             The point of view this piece is told in is that of a Catholic elderly woman. For this reason, the story is very unique. Just because she's Catholic doesn't automatically make her a good person, as she obviously believes. Instead, she's the most manipulative, judgmental person in the story. In most stories it seems that readers are lead to agree or at least understand their narrator's point of view. In "A Good Man is Hard to Find," however, the Grandma makes choices that I, the reader, just didn't agree with or understand. This provides a good twist and also makes her character more believable. .
             The final point of this story I"d like to commend is the good verses evil factor. The starring family is definutely not "good" but they are not evil enough to be murdered. But, in the same respect, "the Rascal" isn't all evil. Though his thoughts are twisted, we don't know exactly why; there is some clue that society is at least partly at fault but I can only speculate.

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