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Underage Drinking

             With problems plaguing our society everyday, underage drinking has.
             positioned itself as a forerunner in our foray of dilemmas. Everyday, teenagers.
             endanger their future by engaging in activities that involve alcoholic beverages. .
             Though underage drinking is not entirely the main problem, it's counterparts,.
             such as drunk driving and sexual assault, are reason for concern.
             Teens often turn to drinking simply to satisfy their social callings, but.
             depression and loneliness are also reasons for young adults to drink. .
             Academics, relationships, and various other stressful scenarios offer minors an.
             excuse to carelessly and illegally drink. Partying, though, is by far the major.
             motivation when teens choose to drink. With their friends watching and their.
             reputation on the line, most succumb to the pressure fall into the binge drinking.
             "craze." In a recent survey, one-fifth of persons aged 12 to 18 said they had.
             drank at a party within the last 30 days. (MADD, 2003).
             The ease at which teens can obtain alcoholic beverages has also created.
             concern. Most teens obtain their first drink or experimental concoction from their.
             parents, who naively leave their beer and liquor within arms reach of minors.
             (Underage Drinking: A problem). With the rise of online liquor sales, the.
             untouchable disguise of the Internet provides cunning minors with an identity.
             with an age simply determined by several keystrokes. Also, many minors.
             convince irresponsible adults to purchase their acloholic beverage of choice. .
             Usually, due to shear pity, stupidity, or countless forms of bribery, these people.
             supply kids with alcohol, failing to realize the numerous consequences they.
             could face.
             The effects of alcohol consumption are disasterous at any age, but.
             extremely harmful to the tender minors of the world today. Though innumerable,.
             the results of drinking can be seen in almost any major news media--drunk.
             driving. Over 15 percent of fatal car accidents involving persons aged 16 to 20.

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