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The Federalist Paper

             The Federalist Paper first appeared in the New York newspapers in 1787 during a period of decision for the newly and loosely formed States under the Article of Confederation. More specifically between September 1787, the end of the Constitutional Convention to March 1788, when New York finally voted to ratify the Constitution. This paper was written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay to encourage the ratification of the United States Constitution to replace the Article of Confederation. It established to persuade the States to ratify the Constitution and eventually the writers of the Federalist paper had accomplished their goal in passing the Constitution.
             The Federalist Paper was a collection of eighty-five essays that were published anonymously, under the pen name "Publius," in numerous of New York state newspapers of the time such as The New York Packet and The Independent Journal, and much more. The Federalist Paper was published in many papers but most urban newspaper at that time. The Federalist Papers were mostly established by two young men, Alexander Hamilton of New York, at age 32, and James Madison of Virginia, at age 36. Hamilton and Madison were hard working men who both wrote four essays per week. Although he wasn't as popular as the other two men, John Jay also contributed to the establishment of five of the eighty-five essays. He was older scholar and was later named as first chief justice of the Supreme Court. Hamilton, who had been famous due to his aid for George Washington during the Revolutionary War, asked Madison and Jay to join and help him write these essays. At first, Hamilton started the main idea and outlined the series of topics to be discussed, and directed most of them in fifty-one of the letters. Madison's Twenty-nine letters have demonstrated to be the most unforgettable in their balance and ideas of governmental power. .

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