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Third Parties in America

            Third parties in America perform an imperative role in keeping the elections interesting, but due to their extreme feelings on subjects they will never win in a generally moderate nation or in a majority two party system. The two party system set by the constitutional differences. The many third parties contribute by spoiling the vote of the major parties causing an upset or an extremely close election. .
             The two party system of America is set due to the constitution having only two sides, the opposing and the supporting. With this there were only two parties that one could be a part of. When an extremist came along they felt the need for a third party because the two were neutral to the extremist's belief. This is how the third party came of interest to the sheeple. .
             The type of third party that will last the longest is the ideological third party. The Libertarian party is the biggest third party and probably the best one. Wanting liberty and still being able to keep sovereignty is almost at home with the democrats. The fact that they are not as extreme allows them a little more time to get their point across as opposed to an extreme party that most would not want to give a chance. Another type of third party is a splinter, which is more or less a break off from a major party. They are also not very extreme in belief, and they receive the most election votes of third parties because they are in the vicinity of a major party. The last type is the single-issue party, which is only concerned with one thing. They are the most extreme party and usually do the worst in every category because of this. One example of this is the Right-to-Life party, which is only concerned with pro-life and nothing else.
             The third parties are important to the American vote because they can cause a person to win or lose. This is due to the spoiler vote that the third parties are responsible for. They are more extreme in the issues they support and some people are for this, also they are close to the major parties but have a little bit of a different view and this causes the sheeple to vote for them.

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