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David Copperfield

             It required a bit of patience to finish reading The Personal History of David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. However, I believed that it was worthwhile. The novel itself does not possess dramatic rises and falls like A Tale of Two Cities, but its beauty comes from David's detailed observations of his surroundings and his earnest personality.
             David Copperfield as the main character is the narrator of the story. With his careful observations, settings, characters, and plots become vivid to life through his minute descriptions. The close description of a street may seem irrelevant to the story, but the street has a character of its own. The collections of many short paragraphs of descriptions form the story, and Copperfield depicts the common themes of poverty, love, death, adultery, politics, and family with a very calm and ordinary attitude. Yet, our hearts are touched by fragments of the story because they are so close to us in reality. Life is ordinary, and sometimes we need to appreciate this quality of life. The emphasis is that, beauty is not always magnificent, but it is everywhere.
             Maybe Copperfield's life is meant to be a novel. But as readers, we should all hold the same magnifying glass and apply it to our own life. In this busy society today, the majority of the people omit the surroundings of themselves. Stop what you are doing for a second. Look around. Observe. Think. And feel. It is our own choice to make life a daily routine or an enjoyment of every beautiful moment. .

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