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            The characters in David Copperfield and Great Expectations are key factors in showing the relationship.
             between the novels and Charles Dickens's life. Three characters that prove this relationship the best are.
             David Copperfield, Pip, and Wilkens Micawber. Dickens portrays himself as the hero, David.
             Copperfield, in the novel David Copperfield by taking his history and injecting it into Copperfield. The.
             first connection between Dickens and Copperfield is that "He was born on a friday, on the same day as.
             his young hero David Copperfield."(Ackroyd 1) and the fact that they have the same initials reversed.
             The next connection between the author and the character is the fact that they both worked in a factory.
             at a young age. Copperfield tells us that he ".became, at ten years old, a little labouring.
             hind."(Copperfield 162), while Dickens faced the same problem when also at ".ten years old.He.
             became a sort of working drudge in a tumble-down factory."(Leacock 3-4). The last obvious.
             connection between the two is that they both eventually become authors. Another Character that.
             Dickens uses to portray himself is Pip, the hero and main character in Great Expectations. Much like.
             Dickens in childhood, Pip does not like the work he does, and he confirms this when he says: "I had.
             liked it once, but once was not now."(Expectations 87). Another resemblance between Dickens and.
             Pip is how their lives transform when they arrive in London. Pip inherits a large fortune and begins a new.
             life as a gentleman in London where he schooled. Dickens however began work in a factory when he.
             arrived in London but shortly after also went onto become a gentleman with a higher education. Wilkens.
             Micawber is a character in David Copperfield who is constantly in debt and is taken to debtor's prison.
             on a few occasions. Wilkens resembles Dickens's father in reality because ".John Dickens was.
             arrested for debt." and ".he was taken to a sponging house where debtors tried to obtain.

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