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Cosmetics in Today's Society

             Few in the cosmetics and fashion industries dispute that the potentials for foreign infiltration into burgeoning Chinese markets are enormous. To date, however, many foreign companies have found themselves able to attract only small and slowly growing pockets of Chinese consumers. One of the main reasons for this is that the Chinese consumer has yet to be adequately educated about foreign products which are already on the shelves. Foreign companies have no Chinese voice; spokespersons' faces are unfamiliar and silent. Consumers wonder if products made for western skin suit Asian complexions. Many do not even know how to use cosmetic and fashion products to achieve the images they desire.
             Shanghai HSD Multimedia, through the vehicle of its Beauty Fax television program, is presently offering seven selected Sponsors the opportunity to overcome these cultural barriers, and speak at length, in an entertaining and educational format, to fashion-conscious Shanghainese consumers. .
             Beginning in March 1998, Beauty Fax will feature competition among local women, in areas of beauty and image projection, leading, over a thirteen week period, to elimination rounds and the final selection of winning contestants. The seven selected Sponsors of this Competition will not only enjoy advertising and promotion related to the telecasts, but will also be personally represented in the Competition by a Sponsor-appointed judge who, through her commentary, will educate contestants and viewers about the desired usage of Sponsor products.
             Beauty Fax is a currently airing program devoted to helping the Chinese female project the kind of image she chooses to project. Make-up, hair care, clothing and accessories, as well as general deportment are the main focuses of Beauty Fax. The program features several weekly segments, including:.
             Beauty Makeovers - featuring tips from specially invited experts on making up and selecting cosmetics.

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