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             Confucianism .
             Confucianism was instrumental in the success of the Han Dynasty. Without Confucianism the Han Dynasty may never have lasted as long as it did. People followed Confucianism to the fullest of their potential. This proved to be very effective. Confucianism was instrumental in the success of the Han Dynasty, in the areas of government, religion, and culture.
             Confucianism was important in the government of the Han Dynasty because Confucius people should run the government.
             1. Bureaucratic form of government.
             2. Set up laws called the Mandate of Heaven.
             3. Did not use as much military powers as dynasties in the past.
             4. Ruled through divine power .
             5. Were accustomed to live peacefully with other dynasties.
             Confucianism taught the people in the Han Dynasty that all Religions are equal.
             1. All religions were equal.
             2. People accepting other peoples religions did not provoke civil wars.
             3. People lived together and accepted each others way of life.
             4. Became a non-legalism dynasty.
             5. Formed one sort of large religion.
             Confucianism played a large role in the culture of the Han Dynasty, by merging many cultures together. .
             1. Merged many different cultures together.
             2. People learned to share the same views.
             3. People in the Han Dynasty had respect for human dignity.
             4. Represented family importance in the Han Dynasty.
             5. All the people in the Han Dynasty helped one another survive .
             Confucianism was instrumental in the success of the Han Dynasty. It was helpful in many different areas. This is somewhat similar to the United States today. Even though we have many different cultures, we all still get along in many ways. Confucianism can be traced back as far as the Han Dynasty, but its effects can be seen today. .

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