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Utilitarianism &Confucianism

            Two theories that are similar in many aspects as well as different are Confucianism, and Mill's Utilitarianism. Both of these theories make valid points, and have strong proof. In this essay I will compare, and contrast Confucianism with Mill's theory. I will briefly explain the two theories as well as point out the similarities between the two theories, as well as the differences.
             Confucianism has serves as primary role as a social and moral philosophy. Confucius was concerned with humans in their social setting. The teachings of Confucius served to unite a developing society, binding together various aspects of civilization and culture into one coherent body that functions under common values and attitudes. Confucianism aims at making not simply the man of virtue, but the man of learning and of good manners. The perfect man must combine the qualities of saint, scholar, and gentleman. In Confucianism there are many beliefs and practices that stress on different things. Confucian ethical teachings include the following values: Li: includes ritual, propriety, etiquette, etc. Jen: benevolence, humaneness towards others; the highest Confucian virtue, Li: which consists of principles, and organizing, Intelligent: which deal with well educated, one knows the right, and moral thing to do, and Propriety: which deals with proper conduct and following of rituals.
             There are also other beliefs in the Confucian society that they follow and live by. All humanity is good and always striving to be better, be loyal and live upright. Confucian's put an emphasis on sympathizing over others when they are suffering. They are always searching for a higher sense of sympathy for people. This belief system also entails the belief that the ultimate personal harmony in life is the relationships one has with: ruler to subject, parent to child, husband to wife, older to younger, and friend-to-friend. Confucianism teaches the importance of harmony in the family, order in the state and peace in the empire, which they see as inherently interdependent.

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