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How to Buy a Good Used Car

             But from living life I have learned that sometimes we have to settle for something that costs less. However, I have also learned that settling for a used car doesn't always need to mean settling for worse. In the following essay we will look at the relatively easy, yet very important procedures necessary to find the quality used car that you will feel proud to own. .
             First you must figure out what kind of car you want, a midsized four door, a coupe, a van, etc. Next you must asses your price range and decide how much you want to, or can, spend. Use the internet or a newspaper to find a car that both fits your price range and looks good. Look at the year, make, model, engine specifications, and gas economy of the car. Make sure the car you want is certified, and with a reasonable amount of kilometres, usually under 200,000. Obviously, the less kilometres, the better. Next, take someone you trust and who knows about cars to come see the car with you. Ask your friend if the price is fair, if they think the car will last a long time and what may need to be checked on or replaced. Finally, look at the price of repairing the car. Repairs on foreign cars will cost a lot more than on domestic. .
             In order to undertake this process you must first arm yourself with a number of useful tools. First, a newspaper, the internet, or a magazine will come in handy when you"re tired of driving up and down roads looking for "For Sale" signs. Next you might want a telephone to call the owners of the cars you are looking to buy. Another important, yet often overlooked necessity is transportation to the site of the car. .
             Often times people make mistakes. For instance, people think that just because a car looks new that it is better than one that looks a little older. Just because a car looks better it may not be as good on gas. It may have more kilometres, or the transmition might be in worse condition then the older car, or any number of other possibilities.

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