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How to Change the Oil in Your Car

             If you"re the type of person who likes to save money and keep up on the maintenance of your car, then you might want to follow the important steps that I have come up with to help you change the oil in your car. There are three steps, the first being things you need to buy, second changing the oil, and third insuring success and safety.
             First thing that you will need to do is go to your local auto parts store and buy six quarts of good oil. I say this because if you go with the cheaper oil the oil will break down more easily and change the color of the oil to black much faster than using good name brand oil. If you really want to go all out to protect your vehicle than you can go with synthetic oil, which is much more in price. Your engine will need anywhere from four to five quarts, depending on the vehicle that you own. Then keep a quart in the trunk of you car in case the car needs extra oil sometime later on. Next pick up a good oil filter for the vehicle. When I say a good filter, I mean one that will do the job removing the carbon and such from the engine oil. Always go with the best filter. A good filter is cheaper than an engine overhaul. Then you will need to get an oil filter wrench. There are two different types that you can choose from. Your local auto parts store will recommend one that will be best for your car. Next buy a container that you can put the oil that you will be draining into. Buy a container that can be closed and sealed firmly. You will want that so when you take the oil in your car to get recycled, it won't spill all over your vehicle. You can usually take your old oil to your local garage were they will use it for heating oil. .
             Second you will need to elevate the front of your car with a jack or with ramps. I recommend ramps because they"re more stable than a jack is. Locate the oil fill cap on the engine (usually on the valve cover). Remove it and set it aside.

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