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How to change oil in a car

             Particles of dust, metal shavings or even antifreeze can very easily contaminate motor oil in your vehicle. When these particles enter the oil, sludge then begins to form. The oil filters job is to remove all or most of the things that contaminant the oil before it reaches the engine. When an oil filter is not changed on a regular basis, particles or sludge will stick to parts of the engine. This can cause the engine it to perform less efficiently or eventually causing it to seize. I find less time consuming and less money to change my oil and my oil filter by myself.
             The first thing to changing oil is going to a parts store and purchasing the required items. The things you will need to have is five quarts of motor oil, an oil filter, an oil pan, a car jack, a metal strap wrench, and a socket wrench (if you don't already have them). You should make sure to check your owners" manual to see any special requirements. Now you are ready to get started. You now need to elevate the front of the vehicle be using a car jack. This is just to make the underneath of the engine accessible. Second, locate the oil fill cap (where you add oil) and remove it. Third locate the engine pan plug underneath the car (this plug has a hexagonal head on it). When you have located this, place the oil pan directly underneath to catch the oil that will drain out. Now you need to remove the plug using a socket wrench. When you remove the plug the oil will then drain out. After completely drained, replace the plug. Fourthly move the oil pan directly under the oil filter. Using the filter wrench or metal strap wrench remove the filter by turning counter-clockwise. Take the new filter and you will notice a rubber gasket on the base of the filter. It is very important to lube this gasket with oil (the new oil, not the oil you just removed from the vehicle) before screwing the filter back on. If you do not coat the gasket with oil it will adhere to the engine causing the filter to not come off again.

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