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Car Maintenace

             Reading this paper will help people to better understand how their car works and how to maintain it correctly as well as good habits. It can either be very easy or very difficult depending on whether or not the person wants to do it and how they approach it. Some steps involve thinking and hard work but others can be very simple. Most parts of maintaining a car is very easy to conduct, it's mainly just having the desire to do it. The best and most effective way to preserve their vehicle is to perform these services every month or every 20,000 miles.
             The first step in maintaining a car is having the correct tools and parts. The most basic tools needed are a screwdriver, a set of metric and standard wrenches, funnel, oil pan, and a type of rag to wipe up with. This type of maintenance can be done alone but is usually faster and more enjoyable with two people. If they know they have bad brakes or are in need of an oil change they may need to go buy new brake pads, and oil as well as any other liquid that may need to be changed. To keep you car running smooth and at a good constant running rate they would want to use the same fluid type as used before.
             The best place to start is by checking the oil. Pull out the dipstick that is yellow or maybe even marked with an oil symbol. The oil should show on the dipstick how much it has and whether or not they need to add more. If the oil is black then it is more than likely in need of a change. To start changing the oil they must first get under the car and find the oil pan. There is one bolt that holds all the oil in, position the oil pan under the car to where when the bolt is removed the oil will pour into the pan. If the pan is correctly positioned it will be easier to handle when your done and will not make a mess. After they have removed the bolt and drained all the oil out they need to put the bolt back in and tighten it to where it will not rattle or come loose.

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