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Three Car Classifications

            When shopping for a new car, one should know the different types of cars that are out on the market. Also consider the average amount of passengers that will be riding with him/her daily. He/she may want to figure out how he/she is going to use the car, and how each of the different types of cars fits his/her personality. In essence, there are three types of cars: the luxury car, for the cruiser, sports car, for the racer, and the SUV, for the adventurer. Luxury cars are usually for people with families. Luxury cars have the highest safety levels and meet the standards that any driver wants. For instance, traction control, duel, and side airbags are many of the safety features that come standard. The luxury car will most likely come with the latest gadgets like a GPS navigator system, which helps the driver navigate his/her way around in new strange places. Some car designers even offer a back-up sensing system, which lets the driver know if there are people or objects hidden in his/her blind spots.
             In contrast to the luxury cars are the sports cars for the racer types. They are built to go fast with little safety features. But one may encounter sports cars with an anti-lock breaking system, and crash resistant door pillars, which will deflect the force of a side-impact collision from the head towards the legs. In addition, sports cars are built small for better handling at high speeds. Sports cars can be modified or supped up to go even faster, by installing turbo kits or even adding a nitro system, which will cause a higher combustion in the engine causing the car to go faster. Sports cars don't usually last very long after its been modified.
             Finally, SUVs are usually for people who are the muscle type. The SUV is the "He-Man" of all cars. They're built with a powerful v8 engine and with four-wheel drive, so the SUV could drive through snowy, muddy, and rocky terrain. Also, the SUV is built big with third row seating, so he/she can fit as much as eight people in the car with head and legroom to spare.

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