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            You may think that Jeep has made a lot of different types of cars, but in fact Jeep has only made three types. Currently the models are the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Liberty. I currently own the Wrangler, and the Liberty. I have always been pleased with Jeep automobiles, and I am going to continue purchasing their cars. Each model has their own features, and some have similarities. The most purchased, of course, is the Jeep Wrangler because of many reasons. They all have their own unique things about them. There is a thick magazine out that is specifically just for these cars. It has many things that you can buy to improve your Jeep's performance, or even make your car look even better.
             The Jeep Wrangler, as I said before, is the one purchased the most. This is the perfect vehicle for all weather, and mostly all terrain. Whether there is a blizzard, a flash flood, or you just want to drive over things; this is a great choice of car for those types of endeavors. When you purchase one, the salesman or woman at the dealer lets you know that if you see another Wrangler on the road you have to wave at them because it is a Jeep Wrangler tradition. In the winter, you will not get stuck in the snow, plus if it is icy, just throw the "bad boy" into for wheel drive (hi or low), and you will have it made. The Wrangler is the perfect summer car, also a great babe magnet, if any guys were curious. Picture this, the top down, radio on, just cruising right along the beach, whether it be in Chicago or maybe you took a road trip to, let's say, Florida, you can bet there will be people looking at you in awe. Plus, if you are like me, who loves to get my Wrangler full of mud all the time, you can take your car out when it rains and just go crazy, and have fun. The cost to own your own is somewhere in the ballpark of $27,197 for a new 2003 to present Wrangler. It is a two-door, 190 horsepower vehicle, that allows you to take your doors off, the top off, go off-roading, pick up chicks, and just get some sun in the summer, there is nothing bad about that.

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