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Division And Classification

             In all of my days as a college student I have witnessed many kinds of relationships. Some are happy, some sad, but we can almost always pick out the ones that will last. In my opinion when a couple gets together they fall into one of four categories. These are more or less time together classifications. Once through those categories it's on to the deciding divisions. .
             The first and also very common college relationship is the Short and Sweet. This usually begins at about nine o"clock pm on a Friday or Saturday night. When the party begins these two people will begin to talk, mostly questions about each other and social issues, but maybe a few other things. After a few hours and beers, the relationship quickly moves into a bedroom and ends the following morning when one wakes up and the other is no longer there.
             The second relationship is the One Timer. Also very common amongst college students, this relationship begins based solely on looks. Usually two people will get together by one asking the other out, once again based on looks. Once out on a date they will begin to talk. And each is trying to "figure out" the other person. After a long time of mindless conversation each begins to realize the person they are out with is not their type. But the date must go on. So now even more time passes, and you can almost begin to hate the other person. But those are the thoughts that you keep to yourself. As time keeps passing by all you can think about is telling your friends what a tool your date was last night. And finally the night ends with a hug, and both of you erasing each others numbers from your cell phone.
             And then we get to the Jennifer Lopez. This is when a couple goes out on a date and unlike the One Timer, they enjoy each others company. So they continue to go out. Usually for about two weeks, then there are many reasons for the break up. For instance one can feel overwhelmed by the others attention, or vice versa.

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