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            What is fashion? Fashion is defined as "the make or form of something" or "a prevailing custom usage or style" (Miriam Webster Dictionary). What some one wears can either shape an image they want to portray or maybe they feel comfortable with what they wear. Whatever the reason is, fashion is a subject that can set you in many different classes such as the upper echelon with brand names like American Eagle and Hollister or more of the "G" look (gangster) with such name brands as FUBU and Roc-A-Wear. Those are just a few of the trends that I have observed young adults at Los Medanos College wearing. Do the name brands on their clothes put them in a class or does it really mean anything? No, maybe not, but society has put people in a certain class by what they wear. The name brands and the way a person wears that type of clothing shows that when you see them, they want you to think this about them. When a girl wears a short skirt, is she trying to be sexy or when another girl wears sweats, does it mean she's lazy and ugly? How about a guy that wears a jersey, is he a jock, and the guy whose pants are tight, is he a nerd? We will find out as I will classify the three types of guys and three types of women at our beautiful college.
             The first type of guy I have observed would be described as the "jock." This guy usually wears they sporty gear such as a football jersey or Roc-A-Wear and looks in good shape. The message they send is that "I am an athlete and I can slide by in my classes because I am a jock and the coach will talk it out for me." Most students despise of the jock because they are perceived as all "brawn and no brains" as I heard one person told me in high school. The jersey also shows a sense of power and strength that they have and if you try to mess with them, you will get your head bashed in. These are the guys that you see at the parties getting all the chicks and playing football and lifting weights.

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