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The Psychology of Fashion

            Throughout history, fashion has been a great and inspirational aspect in life that many people have been able to relate to. Over the years, we have watched thousands of trends run the down runway and back into the closets. The fashion industry is rapidly changing daily with new trends and recurring ones. The minds of designers is frantically racing to create a new trend and bring back new ones. The fashion industry is influenced by our own personalities and how we want to present ourselves to others. The mind psychologically decides on how we look at ourselves and how we choose clothing to express our feelings and emotions. .
             People have been expressing themselves through fashion since the beginning of time. Fashion, defined by the English-Webster dictionary, is "the dressing in style and creating a style of your own that is as much about keeping an eye on what's coming next as knowing what came before". Fashion approximately began around 500,000 to 100,000 BC. The first historical record of clothing dates back to the biblical reference of Adam and Eve when God questioned them in the Garden of Eden. Knowing they did wrong, Adam used fig leaves and animal skins to hide their naked bodies before encountering God and being banished from the Garden. Ever since then, we wear clothes to function properly, withstand weather conditions, and modesty.
             Fashion design became very simple and less compelling. Various survival skills and tactics left minimum time to Over the years, fashion slowly began to evolve. People often wore the same clothing to represent ranks in life. Trends would occur over time. A particular style, or trend, could continue for an entire lifetime. Trends mostly began in the fourteenth century and still continue today. In the Fourteenth century, or the Middle Ages, clothing was very loose-fitting and flowing. Towards the end of the century, people created a trend for clothing to be more fitted to the body.

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