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Hydrogen Fuel and Electric Cars

            The world has been going through a crisis over the past 10 years involving energy sources. With major industries using more fossil fuels than ever, the world is starting to run out. Automobiles are one of the leading consumers of the most popular fossil fuel, gasoline. However, there is a solution to this crisis, hydrogen. For years scientists have been trying to find a more sustainable and abundant fuel for our economy, and they have figured out how to make hydrogen into fuel. .
             The idea of hydrogen fuel isn't new, but it hasn't been utilized yet since it is so expensive to own a hydrogen powered car, and there are few hydrogen fueling stations. Now that we have figured out the solution to our problem, you would think that we would've shifted to this new hydrogen energy. Unfortunately the idea of hydrogen fuel needs to become more popular. Furthermore, we as a society need to shift from our natural habits and make a change that is better for ourselves, the economy, and the planet. .
             The world needs to work together to solve this problem. Countries are too competitive about being "number one" and about having the most money. If all the big industrial countries would share their knowledge and create something great, we could make this world a much better place. I believe that the world and all its scientists have the capability to create something to better the world with something like hydrogen energy. If people had the technology to better themselves and the economy, then the companies would make more money and sell more products.
             Oil over-consumption is a huge problem, but also a great product for profit. We have relied so heavily on oil that if we stopped using it, everything would collapse. The entire world uses oil and gasoline for pretty much everything that moves. The problem is that oil is extremely limited. We are digging it up from the ground all around the world, and it is slowly running out.

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