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The Foreign Oil Crisis

            Foreign Oil Dependence has become a arising problem in our desperate society. Oil is the lifeblood of our economy. Picture your life without oil sounds weird right? No planes, no cars, trains, uses or even boats. Oil prices we count of touch the skies because of this problem, Foreign Oil Dependence. Our reliance on foreign oil is crippling our community. With out a stable supply of fuel our U.S military will possibly slow down. Cars, airplanes and trains are essential for many people around the world. The way the travel to work, school or vacation. .
             Without this resource our source of transportation our economy would crumble around us day by day our air quality worsens. Foreign Oil is terrible for our military, transportation and air quality. With out a stable fuel supply the response time of our military will noticeable start slowing down. Pries of oil will shoot up and fall just as quick. The gases released from foreign oil will ruin the atmosphere we live in. Air quality will be no more If we go on like this America will run short on oil and everything along with it.
             Without a stable fuel supply our military reaction time will become slow and unreliable. One day we may go into war again. We will need enough fuel to supply our trains, planes, tanks, boats and more. We reply on other countries fuel when we have good resources here in the United States. " In the future Oil spurges can potentially lead to more economic problems. When a source becomes depleted a new one must be located immediately. Without a stable fuel supply the over all response time of the military will slow abruptly." (Source 1) Our country is very prideful and powerful. We like to think we don't need anyone's help and that were better than other countries. There is a reason for that we have oil resources yet we choose to buy foreign in order to trade imports. We also believer were very stable in everything. Well that's what most common people would like to believe.

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