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Should America Participate in Foreign Wars or Affairs

             Should America Participate in Foreign Wars or Affairs.
             Since the beginning of time war has been a part of everyone's life. People have been fighting for many different reasons, some simple like land or religion or reasons that we may never know. In this paper I will try to give support to my theory why America should fight in foreign wars for less powerful countries or should we let them worry about it? I will try to answer these questions with further research of this topic. .
             In 1964 the United States got involved in the Vietnam conflict. Even though it wasn't declared a war people called it a war anyway. One reason was the death toll, but not just on Americans. For instance the death toll on allied troops was 282,000, on just Americans the toll was 55,000 not including the 365,000 civilians dead resulting in 1.3 million casualties of war. Not to mention the 150 billion dollars on aid and weapons. For at least 10 years 1962-1973 the U.S. sent 4,000 troops to start with.Then in 1964 200,000 troops were sent, and that number grew annually each year until 1969 when there were over a half of million troops in Vietnam. No one really knows why we were involved maybe it was to stop the spread of communism or to save a little country in southeast Asia. But in my opinion 55,000 lives should not be lost because a country can't defend itself . Vietnam wasn't just a war but it was a turning point in a decade that would change America's outlook on the 60's.
             There were also other conflicts in the 60's like the bay of pigs invasion. In April of 1961 Cuban exiles invaded the bay of pigs on the south coast of Cuba. They had been promised direct military attention, including air cover, to insure the invasion would go as planed. President Kennedy approved the invasion, but did not send any American soldiers. Even though the exiles were crushed by Castro's forces a major crisis did not come up until about a year later with the Cuban missile crisis.

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