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A good Man is hard to find by Flannery O"Connor

            In "A good Man is hard to find" by Flannery O"Connor, the story begins with the family about to take a vacation to the State of Florida. The grandmother expresses her concern due to a prison escapee called the Misfit she read about in a newspaper who was also headed to Florida. While on the way to Florida, the family has a car accident because the family cat jumped onto the shoulder of the driver. The vehicle flips over and injures most of the family. The Misfit and his two companions come across them, and after inspecting the family's car, begin to execute the family one by one. While the Misfit's companions are executing the family members in the woods, the Misfit has a conversation with the grandmother. He expresses his concern of justice and crimes fitting punishments. The grandmother, after a while, begins to feel compassion for him and touches him on the shoulder, at which time the Misfit shoots her. By this, O"Connor is telling us that love and compassion does not have to be just. The family is not perfect, nor is the Misfit, however the family loves each other and later the grandmother begins to love the Misfit.
             The family in this short story is very self-centered, judgmental and at times rude. The mother, who is never named, is always enveloped with the baby in her arms. The children, June Star and John Wesley, are quite alike because they both feed off each other. June Star is a loud out spoken young girl who, at times, can even be quire rude. For example, when a shopkeeper made a comment about her dancing ability and asked if she would like to be her little girl, June stated, "I wouldn't live in a broken-down place like this for a million bucks!" (283). When it was mentioned that the grandmother stay home for the vacation, June Star said aloud, "She wouldn't stay home to be queen for a day," (280). John Wesley, the other child, is more sedate, but still willing to stand up to any problem.

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