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The Death Penalty

            How would it feel if a close sibling, friend, or even a parent were murdered? And for punishment their murderer were given food and a place to stay all on the account of the tax money? One would probably agree that the death penalty is the only way to punish this killer. One should also agree then that the only way to punish all worthless murderers is via the death penalty. Capital punishment is just, it deters crime, and shows high regard for human life. .
             The death penalty is a just(Opposing Viewpoints, 96) penalty for murderers. It is appropriate because it punishes in the same proportion then the crime being committed(Opposing Viewpoints, 98). Murderers need to be treated more like they treated their victims: they should not be given food and bed; they don't even deserve to live! A mild punishment such as prison does not allow murderers to fear the consequences. It is also unfair to the victim's families to know that that person is still given life when their relative is not.
             The death penalty deters murderers(Opposing Viewpoints, 112). Statistics prove that this is definitely true. The Number of executions highly increased in 1983 and 1996(Opposing Viewpoints, 43). The homicide rate seemed to drop after these years(Opposing Viewpoints, 44). Linkage between homicide rates and executions are not coincidence, they are proof that the death penalty really works.
             The death penalty shows high regard for human life(Opposing Viewpoints, 86). To take a life in order to save others from a killer is respect for life. It is unarguable that the worst crime one could commit is murder. Therefore for committing murder you should deserve the worst penalty possible: the death penalty. Also the Government shows compassion to even murderers, whom are usually given a painless death in which they are unconscious.
             There are a few possible objections one might give if they did not agree with the death penalty.

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